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Are parents allowed back with their children during dental visits?

Dr. Rubin and Dr. Sentelle take a few minutes to answer a question we are frequently asked:

"Can parents come back with their kids during dental visits?"

Yes! We have an open door policy and parents are always welcome!

We not only allow, but encourage parents to come back to the clinical area during their child’s dental visit! It’s our goal to work as a team with parents! We want to make sure we’re all on the same page with your child’s dental care and work together to deliver a positive experience to your child.

Keep in mind there may be circumstances where a parent might decide they don’t want to come back, and that’s ok too. We will work with every parent individually to make sure that it makes sense for their child. In the long run, we want to make sure we do what’s best for your child!

A key ingredient to children maintaining good dental hygiene is parental involvement!

When you arrive for your child’s appointment, let one of our friendly deputies know if you intend to come into the office with your child or wait in the car (due to COVID restrictions).

Babies and young children certainly benefit from having parents involved. It’s important that we partner with parents to establish a good foundation of healthy dental hygiene habits early! Studies have shown that children who have positive dental experiences at an early age, are likely to have a favorable outlook toward dental care throughout their lives. Our goal is to give parents the tools to learn and lead by example. Coming to the back clinical area during your child’s dental visit allows parents to see first-hand demonstrations to aid in better oral care at home. You can ask questions, plus learn tips and tricks to make caring for teeth fun for the whole family! Take a look at our additional online resources to help reinforce good dental hygiene and keep kids motivated between dental visits.

Once your child(ren) feel safe and secure about going to the dentist, we, like the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, recommend older children get escorted to the back by one of our deputies, while parents wait in the car. Rest assured, when the appointment is wrapping up, parents will have the opportunity to come back, get a recap and ask questions if they wish. Allowing kids to come back by themselves gives our dentists and hygiene staff the opportunity to build a relationship with your child, and be able instruct them directly. While we love interacting with parents, we also don’t want to miss an opportunity to interact with your child!

The decision to join your child in the back during their dental visit, is always yours to make.

All this being said, the decision to join your child in the back during their dental visit, is always yours to make. Since the days of COVID, we’ve modified our office procedures to keep you and everyone around you safe while in our office. So if you decide to come back, here’s some helpful things to know:

  • Try to be a silent observer and play a passive role. Sometimes children get confused when multiple people are talking to them. Help them build trust with our dentists and deputy assistants by allowing them to connect directly and not through you.
  • Our doctors are parents themselves and have received two years of additional pediatric dental training. They have experience treating the smallest of children, as well as patients with special needs. They use child-friendly terms and may explain and guide your child’s behavior differently in order to provide a more positive dental experience.
  • Due to space restrictions, we ask that one parent or guardian accompany the child.
  • We require all patients, and parents that come into the office, to wear a mask.
  • Everyone’s temperature will be checked at the door and asked to use hand sanitizer before going into the clinical area.
  • To maintain social distancing, we isolate each family in their own area so you won’t be exposed to anyone else’s family.
  • We use medical-grade privacy screens between the hygiene chairs and limit the number of patients, staff and parents in the back.
  • We are staggering patients so we only check out one family at a time.

Our goal is to keep everyone healthy and provide a safe environment for our FKD families. Call (214) 618-5200 during our office hours and our team will be happy to answer questions, schedule an office tour, or book an appointment.

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👉 Before you arrive for an appointment, please read our New Office Procedures and complete our COVID-19 Screening Form. Also review these procedures with your child(ren), so they are prepared too.

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