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Start your kid’s
dental hygiene
habits early

Our goal is to be a partner with parents — establishing a good foundation of healthy dental hygiene habits at an early age, so these habits will grow and last a lifetime.

Drs. Rubin and Sentelle will address the importance of proper dental care during your appointment, but these additional resources and incentives will help kids, and you as parents, stay on track between dental visits.

Children who have positive dental experiences at a young age are likely to have a favorable outlook toward dental care throughout their lives. Here’s some ways we reinforce good dental hygiene habits:

Cavity Free Kids Club

Each month we like to spotlight and reward kids and teens that come in for their dental checkups cavity free!

Star of the Day Award

Sometimes old habits are hard to break! We like to reward our little friends that work extra hard to kick bad habits.

Motivational Charts

Our weekly and monthly brushing motivational charts are fun, helpful reminders to build good dental hygiene habits early.

At Frisco Kid’s Dentistry, our team works hard to create healthy smiles that will last a lifetime!

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