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Star of the Day Award

Our “Star of the Day” Award Program for our existing Lonestar Kid’s Dentistry patients, to encourage our friends to end their “sucking habits” or more precisely know as a “non-nutritive oral habit”. Although these habits can be normal they do need to be addressed in a timely manner to help our smiles grow in a correct fashion. So we hope our “Star of the Day” program will help you and your child address their thumb sucking, finger sucking or pacifier habit in a fun and safe manner. Let us know at your next visit if they have stopped, so we can point you toward our “Star of the Day” prizes and get your photo to help you celebrate!

Read a success story about how a doctor helped his daughter stop sucking her finger.

Why we need to stop our sucking habit

  • Teeth are protruded (overbite)
  • Teeth don’t come together (anterior open bite)
  • Top jaw or maxilla constricts (posterior cross bites)
  • Swallowing/speech issue (tongue thrust)
  • Increase self-confidence due to improved esthetics
  • Delayed eruption of permanent teeth
Star of the Day Award Program

Congratulations to our “Stars”

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