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Frisco Kids Dentistry stop thumb sucking habit

How to end your child’s ‘sucking habits’

Sucking is a natural reflex! Newborns start life with a sucking instinct to seek food or comfort, some even suck on their fingers while in the womb. While some infants are satisfied through feedings, it is normal behavior for babies…

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Drs Rubin & Sentelle explain why kids need to floss

Do kids need to floss?

Yes, flossing should be part of everyone's dental hygiene routine! Typically when toddlers have two teeth touching, it's a good time to add flossing to the daily brushing routine. Here's some pro flossing tips from doctors Rubin and Sentelle... who…

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Presidential Smiles

In honor of Presidents' Day, we thought we'd take the opportunity to look at some famous President's teeth... or lack thereof in some cases!

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FKD-Happy Holidays 2021

Happy Holidays!

The FKD team would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season! We will be open until 2pm on Thursday, Dec. 23 and we will be closed on Friday, Dec. 24. We will be back in the office…

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Pediatric Dentist Frisco Kids Dentistry - Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Frisco Kid's Dentistry team would like to wish all our families a happy and safe Thanksgiving! During the week of Nov. 22-26, we will be open for normal office hours (8:30 am-5:00 pm) Monday, Nov. 22 and Tuesday, Nov.…

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Pediatric Dentist Frisco Kids Dentistry - Jewish Family Service

Community Service Day

Today we took some time out to give back to the community. Last year, Jewish Family Services helped serve 39,000 people, regardless of religion, race, or ability to pay! Thank you JFS for allowing us to help stock up the…

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