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Dental X-rays in Children

Smile for the camera: A look at dental x-rays (radiographs) in children If you spend some time in our office you may hear us talking to our patients about "taking pictures" of their teeth. What we're referring to are dental…

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Sports and Mouthguards Use in Teenagers

Sports and mouthguard use in teenagers is an important dental issue. Research shows that dental and orofacial (mouth, jaw, face) injuries are some of the most common types of injuries in contact sports and recreational activities. A large number of…

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Dr. Paul I Rubin, DDS - Frisco Kid’s Dentistry - Frisco Pediatric Dentist

Teenage Eating Disorders Affect Their Teeth

According to the National Eating Disorders Association, more than 10 million Americans currently are affected by serious eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. Anyone can suffer from an eating disorder, but they are most common in teenagers and…

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teeth grinding

Teenage Academic Stress and Teeth Grinding

Teenage academic stress can lead to teeth grinding (Bruxism). For some teenagers, stress causes symptoms such as teeth grinding or jaw clenching, and these habits can potentially lead to serious dental issues if left untreated. Causes of teeth grinding in teenagers…

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Teenage Bad Breath Halitosis

Teenage bad breath (halitosis) is a common dental problem. Teenagers are at a stage in their lives where they rely heavily on how they are perceived by others. Most are eager to take steps to avoid bad breath, but it…

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Teenage Tobacco Use and Gum Disease

Teenage tobacco use can lead to gum disease. Smoking and chewing tobacco can cause a multitude of health hazards. There have been numerous research studies that have proven that smoking tobacco can lead to heart and lung disease along with gum…

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teeth whitening in teenagers

Teeth Whitening in Teenagers

Teeth whitening in teenagers has become very popular because everyone wants to have the best smile possible including teenagers. It is not uncommon for teens to inquire about teeth whitening options. Teeth whitening have become a multi-million dollar industry. Much…

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teens brusing teeth

Oral Hygiene for Teenagers

Oral hygiene for teenagers is the best way for a teenager to maintain a bright healthy smile. They should continue the excellent oral hygiene habits started in early childhood. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is important for overall health at any…

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